As the company expands, so as our human resource. With the growing numbers of our professionals and workers in multiple-nationality, we emphasize in our construction management philosophy by focusing on the creation of sustainable culture of diversity. We identified our weakness and make it our strength and use these as a driving force to common our goal to succeed, building harmonious relationship.


With more than 19 years of experience in design and manufacture of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and has been enhanced over the years and by having the constant direction and technical support from Glass Reinforce Concrete Association International in United Kingdom (GRCA)

Local fabrication of ENDORFIN ALUMINIUM SYSTEM, a high quality product that specializes in Aluminium Window & Doors, Curtain Wall System, Skylight System, etc.

Specialized in carpentry and joinery works that caters to high-end interior decoration works focusing Government & commercial based clients.

Specialized in Building Restoration Works, especially repair, restructuring and renovation, and not just about construction. With an array of selected professional and personnel who are all highly trained and qualified technicians to ensure that our construction standards are definitely the best.


GR Technic Sdn Bhd has developed a multi-lateral of network partnering with world wide renowned corporation in order to progress and deliver and outsource quality materials.

GR Technic Sdn Bhd has established a collaboration of international allies such as SCHUCO International (Beijing) Co.Ltd, GEO System Wall Partition, GLOBOND Aluminium Composite Panels, GLUTZ lronmongery Switzerland, THIEMS Security Solutions GmbH & GLASBAUHAHN Display Cases and Museum Technology to ensure the delivery of all projects to meet international standard.


With the proactive management methodology, our company will continue to adapt to the challenges that would arise. The contiunuity of good relationship with our International Corporate partners and by commiting to our core values, our Company will endure the task of any projects and ensure the conveyance of each projects with high quality international standard.