GlassFibre Reinforced Products

A company which specializes in Glassfibre Reinforced Products

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC)
Glassfibre Reinforced Gypsum (GRG)
Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP)   

Our team comprises of architects, engineers, designers, artists, manufacturing team and project  team.  We combine the professional skill and art  endowed with the responsibility of beautifying  interior facades also to the landscape.  In line with  the creativity of designers and flexibility of our  products, many of the masterpieces can be custom  made to suit client’s requirements and thus achieving design satisfaction.

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Our aluminum system offers the ultimate in aesthetic, safety characteristics and design flexibility. It is generally suitable for the majority of new build and refurbishment projects and can be used in low rise & high rise applications.

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GLOBOND introduces advanced production lines of automatic hot pressing. Testing apparatus & advanced technology from abroad. Choosing high grade raw materials from Japan. Sweden. USA. South Korea. We dedicate to producing superior quality products to the meet the customers demanding.

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GEO is a modern modular room divider wall system. The room partitions can be combined into a multitude of configurations and colors to create unique office partitions, office walls, office dividers, and privacy screen walls. The room dividers can be used for any office design, to create temporary walls, office cubicles, or as room partitions for dividing spaces with modern style.

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Where tradition and innovation meet, something unique ensues. Glutz has been marketing high-quality Swiss products since 1863. What once started with the manufacture of locks and hinges has developed over the decades into a comprehensive product and service offering. Nowadays, Glutz has grown into a solutions partner with an excellent international reputation.

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Moveable Acoustic Partitions

DORMA is the trusted global partner for premium access solutions & services enabling better buildings. In the business segments of door control, movable walls and glass fittings the company is a member of the world elite.

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THIEM Security Solutions GmbH has been occupied for 22 years with the development, manufacture and installation of security products meeting highest security requirements.Our production comprises security units such as windows, doors, gates and facades.  We provide all the elements and components for external security measures as well as completely prefabricated guardhouse and security room cells.

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Priceless cultural world heritage is presented and safeguarded in HAHN
Display cases. Our clients trust in the safety, services, design and innovative
climate control systems we offer. Our dedication to the highest standards of
quality combined with advanced production methods and the experience and reliability
of our staff are the basis for our world-wide reputation. As well as our headquarters in
Frankfurt am Main, a network of 25 international partners guarantees direct communication
and efficient service to our clients all around the globe.

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