THIEM Security Solutions GmbH has been occupied for 22 years with the development, manufacture and installation of security products meeting highest security requirements.

Our production comprises security units such as windows, doors, gates and facades.  We provide all the elements and components for external security measures as well as completely prefabricated guardhouse and security room cells.

We offer complete system solutions at the highest levels of security and support you as early as the planning phase.


Burglar resistance according to DIN EN 1627:  

–          Fixed glazing up to WK 6

–          Burglar-resistant and break-out resistant windows up to WK 4

–          Doors up to WK 5

–          Break-out resistant doors up to WK 4

–          Tubular frame door for prisons RC 4/WK4

–          Facades up to WK 5

–          Folding doors up to WK4, medical and electrical

–          Guard house up to FB 7, WK 6, EXR 2

Bullet resistance according to DIN EN 1522 / 1523:  

–          Windows, doors, curtain walls up to FB 7-NS

–          Automatic sliding doors with glass in FB 6 – S

–          Mechanical sliding door up to FB7 – NS

–          Counter systems with sliding tray up to FB 70-NS

–          Visa counters up to FB4/WK4 for embassies

Blast and explosion resistance up EPR 2, EXR 2 und GSA3

–          Windows, doors, facades and guardhouses


–          Burglary / Bullet resistance

–          Burglary / Fire resistance

–          Bullet / Fire resistance

–          Burglary / Bullet / Explosion resistance

–          Burglary / Bullet / Fire resistance

–          Including monument protection and acoustic protection.

Secure protection from the impact of bullets


Secure protection form the impact of bulletsIt is in commercial projects,In particular, that there are sectors where there
is a demand for bullet-resistant solutions, as well as protection
against break-in: in banks and insurance companies, post offices,
government institutions and retail stores, but also in private residences.
Shüco offers suitable systems for this area; and it goes without saying that all
components of these systems are perfectly co-ordinated with one another
and conform to the relevant security regulations.

Additional security components for bullet-resistant units are:

  • Armoured external
  • Profile walls made from a special aluminium alloy
  • Schüco Protect bullet-resistant glazing
  • Bullet-resistant infill panels
  • Security fittings


Bullet reisitanceBullet resistance
Burglar ResistanceBurglar Resistance
Blast Resistance
Blast Resistance


Testing burglar resistance (glass)

testing burglar resistance

Gate with Blasting Restraining Glazing